Veritas Funding, Sugar House Branch

The Challenge
Match a high-end client, who would normally be found in a large Class A office building, to a single family home that was converted into the nicest–we’re talking over the top nice–office space.

The Solution
It’s beautiful. The molding, the floors all stripped down to their natural colors and refinished. The fireplace redone, the stairways rebuilt, everything really just turned out to be perfect. The conversion was beyond a success. Now to find the perfect buyer.

Rhett Evans with Veritas Funding was the perfect fit. An office with fountains, miscellaneous foot traffic and unimpressive conference room wasn’t the answer. He needed a building that could match the quality of the Veritas brand and provide the space he would need for growth. Where to better locate a home lending company to than inside the neighborhood of Sugar House?

The Result
Not only was Peter Clark able to connect his seller to the perfect buyer, he was able to lay the groundwork for a business partnership between the both of them. His seller, also a mortgage lender, was able to stay in his just sold space and became a part of Veritas as well.

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