The Gymnastics Training Center

The Challenge

When the Gymnastics Training Center, a well-established training facility in Salt Lake Valley, found that they were outgrowing their current, leased 15,000 square foot space, they knew it was time to find a new location.  Because most of their clients come from Millcreek, they found it vital to stay in the same general area.  This posed a significant challenge due to the lack of properties for sale in the area that would satisfy their need for a facility with adequate square footage and ceiling height for gymnastics training.  Although there was no simple solution, Ryan Evans and Tyler Parrish decided to accept the challenge and start the hunt for a new training facility.

The Solution

After seeing various buildings that did not satisfy the Gymnastics Training Center’s needs, it became evident to Ryan and Tyler that they might need to discuss the possibility of building a facility from the ground up.  Finding a piece of property that was large enough for the training center was equally challenging—the team looked at raw ground as well as properties that would need demolition.  After knocking on many doors and searching for over eighteen months, they were able to combine three parcels along the 1500 East block of 330 South.  These parcels were not for sale but all three of the property owners were interested in selling.  Ryan and Tyler negotiated separately with each owner and, as a result, had a total of 1.45 acres for the training facility.  They walked the Gymnastics Training Center through the process of financing, selecting a contractor, and obtaining preliminary community and county approvals.  Once everything was approved, the team was able to close on the purchase of the land.

The Result

Because of the hurdles, restrictions, and criteria involved in this deal, Ryan and Tyler believe this was one of the most challenging transactions they had ever been involved with.  With much patience, perseverance, creativity and hard work, they were able to find a prime location for the Gymnastics Training Center.  Subsequently, Ryan and Tyler not only assisted the Gymnastics Training Center in achieving their goals, but also allowed the Training Center to relocate within the same community that they know and love.


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