Long Standing Vacant Office Building Quickly Goes Under Contract

The Challenge
9662 South
sat vacant for over a year, and although it’s an attractive rare stand-alone building along a busy 700 East, the building owners couldn’t find someone to buy the building outright. Once this listing was in Jonah’s hands however, prospective tenants began to accumulate and wouldn’t stay vacant for long.

The Solution
Finding another prepared agent is key to any commercial real estate transaction when many prospects aren’t properly represented or prepared. There will always be those who want to see the space and ask a couple questions, only to never actually follow up, but the way Jonah attacks the circumstance he often avoids the Lookey-Loo’s and deals with active interests.

The Result
Jonah found a prepared agent through a direct mail campaign. With every new listing, leasing or sell Jonah sends out postcards, a basic current event update. His postcards aren’t received as junk mail, in fact his recipients look forward to them as it continues to be the best way of broadcasting a quick effective hands-on message that can be accounted for many additional “touches.”  His recipients began to contact him, and soon a prepared commercial agent whom he has known for years called him with a specific client in mind. They were able to meet the goal, sell the building outright within 100 days of receiving the listing.

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