Bodega and the Rest

The Challenge
Acquire a downtown space in the bar stomping-grounds that can also be fit for foodies and also find a building owner who will allow our proprietor to recreate Utah’s only concept speakeasy.

The Solution
A conglomeration of an A Class Architect King, a brave vision, and a willing building owner allowed for the space to be transitioned into a street level shop and a subterranean drinkery. “Salt Lake City is unique in this area,” says Windermere Realtor John Patterson. “Unlike most big cities around the U.S. Salt Lake City doesn’t have readily available bar space ready for new owners to come in and set up their own shop.” We really had to work hard to not only make sure Owner Sara Lund met all her goals but also the building owners.

2 Negotiations were offered. If we were going to make this much change to 331, we had to properly communicate the vision into two time frames. The first is that we needed to solidify our promise with a specific plan and the second is to promise the owner a 3 year commitment.

The Result
The transformation is an incredible remodeled and beautiful piece of artwork. Bodega is a full service restaurant and bar. It is the only speakeasy concept bar in Salt Lake city. The end result proves to be a successful addition to the growing Salt Lake City palate.

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