Lindsay Vieta


Lindsay Vieta is a Salt Lake City native who is passionate about strategic neighborhood growth, economic development and pasta.

For over ten years she owned an operated a successful small business making the transition to real estate a fluid and natural choice.  Lindsay has an unrelenting attention to detail.  Her commitment to continued education and community involvement feeds a desire to transcend the traditional role of real estate…guru works.  In 2014, in an article for Downtown magazine Lindsay was featured as  one of six women in the commercial real estate industry who are dynamically impacting downtown SLC.  She has received nominations through CREW Network for her ability to engage and work with the best group possible to ensure the success of a project.  She can can also explain the difference between dove grey and pearl grey, a very important skill to have.

In her free time, Lindsay enjoys gardening, spending time with family and friends, the great outdoors and underwater basket weaving.

Lindsay is part of a real estate team with her mother Robyn.  Their experience spans over 20 years specializing in:

  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property
  • Investment Property
  • Multi-Unit Property
  • Leasing Commercial & Residential

…but seriously.  Your real estate decisions should be determined through competent thorough work resulting a successful transaction and a happy you, not pithy writing.

Lindsay would welcome the opportunity to seriously discuss your real estate needs and questions.

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